Frequently asked questions

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What to pack for a Belize yoga retreat

1. passport

2. bug spray & sunscreen

3. refillable water bottle...drinking water included with retreat price (no bottled water included)

4. your own yoga mat if you are attached...we have some mats, blocks, straps, blankets...

5. swim suit and hats are nice

6. 100% cotton casual clothing is best...your favorite comfortable clothing... at least one of each:  long sleeve shirt, long pant, one sweat shirt, along with shorts/shirts and of course yoga clothing!

7. one pair flip flops...if you even wear pair of sneakers if going to the Maya ruins

8. no hairdryers us conserve energy if you can...try the natural wind-blown look!  


10. reading light/flash light/or headlamp

11. money for extras services/items:  spa treatments, snorkel/day trips, souveniers, ferry or puddle jumper to San Pedro, bike rentals, water taxis to and from town, Ak'bol t-shirts, souveniers, etc... You may run a tab for extra items/services with Ak'bol while on retreat and pay as you check out with US Cash/Visa/MasterCard.

12. almost $40US tax to leave the country of Belize, which you pay at International airport with either US cash or Credit Card... 

13.  Gatorade powder/electrolytes to keep hydrated or something like that...


There is an ATM machine walking distance North of Ak'boL at the Grande Caribe convenient store called Beach Basket.  There are banks in town with ATM machines accepting debit and credit cards, Star, need to bring a lot of cash. Most places accept V/MC and recommend bringing smaller US bills for beach vendors. Ak'bol accepts US Cash/Visa/MasterCard for any extra services/items not included within your retreat price...Each student may have a tab and pay at the end of retreat.

You may. add your tip to staff to your credit card.



each room has a lockable area with pad lock and key.


Yes, there is free internet access 24 hours a day at our restaurant/ beach bar.  We do not have computers for use, but you can use the area for wifi. Last one please turn off the lights! Recommend leaving your computer behind and unplugThere are also a few internet cafes in the village.

We cannot guarantee wifi, the island may experience an occasional loss of power.  There are other restaurants and bars nearby with wifi.


If you need to make calls, you can check with your cel phone provider about adding a temporary international calling card/chip? or you can use Internet cafes...or just unplug!

No phone available from Ak'bol.


The village of San Pedro is only 2 miles South of Ak'boL...a nice ride $8-10US/day…water taxi $5US one way...or golf cart roughly $50US/day and up…cheaper by the week.  Some guests hitchhike at the road!


Same as in States.

Retreat menu

Fresh Vegetarian/Belizean/Caribbean/Indian Ayurvedic/fish will be served at Welcoming Dinner...unless your teacher has requested otherwise...


Sorry NO laundry is available.  We can give you a bucket from the to wash and bring your own clothes line to dry.  There are laundry mats in town. Drop off.


If around, they come out at dusk and dawn....according to the breeze and amount of rain.  The windows are screened and recommend keeping the the front shuttered doors closed during these times...bring spray or buy some in town.  fyi:  mosquitos smell a hormone released when stressed...come unplug!...relax stay in the breeze...take a shower before bed.


No air conditioning/not good for thatch...all the walls of the cabanas are lined with 8 foot windows/plantain shutters/screened....this is the old traditional way of building here...experience the natural island rhythm...your body will acclimate and feel cleansed...Recommended to take a shower before bed for maximum comfort. 


Recommended to bring casual 100% cotton clothing...may be one long sleeve/long pant...t-shirts/tanks/shorts/swim suits/yoga clothing is all you need...keep your shoes in your suitcase!  pack pair of flip flops is really all you need or sneaker/good sandals with straps for Maya temples.


We will have a daily sign up at bar...Or before arrival $75US massage=80 minutes.  Added to your tab+Leave tip or you can add tip to tab.


We can help line up all diving and trips. With enough people we can arrange a special snorkel directly after lunch and back for 4pm yoga. Recommend coming early or staying later to get some day trips in so you don't have to miss the retreat yoga and meals.   We can arrange catamaran  sailing, diving, parasailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing by signing up day prior...check out Day Trip attachment for prices...


Check out for weather estimated for your month of retreat... It is basically warm and sunny in Belize...Weather on the island is different from the mainland, less everything: less rain, less mosquitos, less bugs...more breeze and sunshine!


Water, special teas, coffee and juices are served all day long for Yoga Retreats, included within your price....all other requests are served from our bar/restaurant right on the beach and can be put on a tab, paid at the end of your stay...US cash/Visa/MasterCard. We appreciate that guests do not bring their own booze out while our restaurant is open.  We close at 8pm, which you may bring beverage out then.


Can we bring our own booze?  sorry No BYOB please we have a fully stocked bar and all guests will have a tab.  We close at 8pm each day, you are welcome to BYOB when we are officially closed.

Accommodations info

There will be daily housekeeping.

Please help us conserve energy: if you can hang your towel up to dry we would appreciate any help. 

If your towels are on the floor then you will get a clean one.

Bedding will be changed when needed and we supply bath and beach towels.

A friendly reminder to please turn all lights and fans OFF when not in use (lights out keeps the bugs away too). 

Please lock all doors when not in rooms! We are a "lockable" island. Ak'bol is not responsible for missing need to carry lots of cash...ATM machines available nearby. Most places take credit cards Visa/MC. Bring small bills US cash for street/beach vendors.

Each room has a lockable area for valuables with padlock and key.

Tip to staff:  tip is not included in retreat.  We have a wonderful crew that loves yogis!  We recommend $50US for the week or whatever you feel is appropriate.  We check all guests out individually and guests may put tip to staff on their credit card V/MC or cash. We pool tips and distribute hours worked. We do not do baskets for tips.

Our crew: 3 bartenders, 4 cooks, 3 kitchen prep, dish washers, maintenance and housekeeping is included in the pooled tips.